Challenge: Early Childhood Development for Low Income Families


Team: Elise Gill, Luisa Covaria


Open IDEO is a branch within IDEO that engages the community by mobilizing foundations and organizations to sponsor challenges for the public. Each challenge calls upon the community for an open source of ideas and solutions to creatively answer some of the greatest social and environmental challenges we face today.

Elise was brought on to the team to conduct research within the domain of early childhood education for low income families. Elise and the team traveled to Denver Colorado, where they conducted in-home ethnographic research and spoke to local experts. Over the course of the research the team spoke with entrepreneurs within early child hood education, home-visiting nurses, parents, foundations, early education lab founders, and investors. All of which helped the team collect key understandings of the landscape of early childhood education and particular areas of needed support, allowing the team to develop key challenge strategies and effective ways to engage stakeholders along the process.