Elise is a Design Strategist/ Product Strategist living in San Francisco, California. She is currently working on a project she founded, called Moove It Along, an app and website that streamlines the process of getting rid of items. When not working on the app she does freelance research and consulting. Her expertise and focus lies within user research, strategic thinking/planning, concept development and comedy. Communication with clients and different stakeholders is her jam.

Elise has had the privilege of working on a range of different projects across different consulting firms in San Francisco and LA. She has been responsible for diverse product research, the user interview process, and synthesis for final product and business strategy. She also typically falls into the role of team wordsmith, and occasionally story creator, clarifying content, writing video scripts and brand narrative for marketing strategy.

She received an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts in 2015 and holds a BA in International Relations and a Minor in International Business from Montana State University.

Elise grew up in Boulder, CO and has spent extended periods of time in Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles all of which have influenced her work and thinking. In addition to having a keen interest in design strategy and projects with social impact, Elise is also a semi-beginner surfer, wooden spoon maker, and avid outdoor enthusiast.