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Personal Hydration System + Elderly Support Device

Team: Elise Gill, Matt Hallinan, Marimar Suarez Penalva, Jordan Lang

Propelland is a small design consulting firm based in the Dogpatch neighborhood of SF. Elise has been brought on for multiple projects as a contract Research Strategist. As a friend of the firm and a strong supporter of their work, any project with their team is a great time!

The personal hydration system project in 2016 was initiated by a large-scale beverage company to innovate solutions around hydration and ways to better support self-hydration levels with tracking devices and nutritional supplements.

Elise carried out secondary market research, prepared interview guides and exercises, led in-person interviews in Austin, Texas, and synthesized key findings for final client presentation.

In 2018, Elise was brought on to conduct research to better understand how to improve the usability and function of an elderly support device. The range and diversity across users and caretakers using the device made for an interesting research case. Elise created question guides, led primary research sessions, synthesis, key take aways and final design strategy for the client.