Crowd funding for Student Debt

RKS Design

Team: Elise Gill, Dean Locke, Thomas Solanet, Ravi Swahney

Content Strategy, Copy Writing, Video scriptwriting


The RKS Design team launched October 5, 2015, a social platform that connects students who are overwhelmed by student debt to donors within their personal network and donors within the community.  The central goal of LoanGifting is to tackle the student debt problem head-on through the collective support of the community. LoanGifting’s business model leverages the wide-spread adoption of crowd funding which is an area gaining greater traction in the cause funding/donation space. One of the greatest value offerings provided by this service is how it streamlines payments made directly to student debt, ensuring that each donation or gift is decreasing a student’s debt.


Elise was primarily involved in the content strategy and video creation. She worked on the “about us” copy as well as creating the story and script for the “how it works video.”