Lean Labs


Digital Health and Fitness Coaching


Business Model Design

Team: Akriti Vora, Elise Gill, Hailey Harmon, Izzy Shu, Ivan Yip

LeanLabs is a health-quantified service built on research that suggests the key to weight loss isn’t eating less and exercising more, but rather, understanding the natural biochemistry of the body and creating conditions where the body can burn fat as fuel. The mission of LeanLabs is to help people achieve healthier lifestyles by managing their weight through hormone and metabolic tracking, and providing guidance through personal coaching.

LeanLabs is targeting Pre-diabetics, Type 2 diabetics, and people who are looking to lose significant weight. Another key customer segment includes people who are aware of needing to make lifestyle changes and may already be making some effort, though are not seeing the results they want. Our team took on the role of examining LeanLabs’ business plan: proving and disproving hypotheses that both LeanLabs and our team came up with. We then presented revisions of the business plan based on findings and insights gained from primary and secondary research conducted over the project timeline.